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Friday, March 16, 2012

Annemarie Siefert's Paintings

A few weeks ago I saw a great show of paintings by Annemarie Siefert at Westover School Gallery in Middlebury, CT. It's still running through April 14th if you get inspired to go!  Annemarie Seifert's paintings are vibrant with rich color and masterful in technique.  She also does incredible pastels but these pictures are all of paintings.

This one's called "The Studio."

I like the dark rusty colored area around the back of the roof and the way the grey door and it's left-side shadow contrast with the bright yellow wall. Here's a closer view of that part:

  Using layers of color to convey shadow and light, her subjects sometimes take on a metaphysical aspect.   Below, here's a roadie with ethereal color.   It's a big painting which helps convey the massive scale of the road and construction site.  It's called "Bridge 189 at Dawn, NYC."

I can't forget this cowface pictured below.  I've been thinking about painting our dog, Nick.  His face conveys a warmth and presence, like he's thinking with his heart.  Like this cow.  This is a little painting that to me conveys emotionally intelligent warmth.  No doubt I am anthropomorphizing, but no matter.  We resonate with images like this one because of how they trigger our emotions.

Thanks for looking! If you like these pictures, I have more photos from the show I'm planning to post on Facebook and Twitter so check that out too.

I hope you'll check in next week for more!