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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suddenly from branch...

Most folks, though not all, respond to the spring season with an uptick of energy.  The buds and leaves bursting forth from the bare branches are fascinating to me.   In spring, nature provides a reassurance that even though branches appear to be dead, they have life hidden just inside.   It's such a surprise every year that it's something like nature playing a hat trick!

Perhaps my being drawn to the contrast between winter and spring is a bulwark against anxiety about death.  At some point in time death is final for all living things.  I find myself thinking about how we humans are slowly destroying the subtlety and complexity of nature. I try to have hope that we're capable of a huge turnaround, that we all can find a way to lead more sustainable lives.

But right now,  seeing this fullness emerging in the plants around me is enthralling with it's promise of new life.   I find I want to rush to try to join the green shoots somehow, and express this ebullience in art, even though another part of me observes that time is passing.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Roadies in March

The clouds were amazing a few days ago.  Check out how animated they were!

I was struck by the contrast of the dark underside of the clouds with the brilliant light shining in the tops of them.

They were such a presence in the landscape.  I loved this composition of the fly-away clouds overhead and the flat of the road with it's horizontal lines below.